To apply please call our office (04) 917 6060 or email to discuss your export opportunities and how our solutions may support your business.

Please provide answers to the questions below. These are required for pre-screening purposes  and mean we can respond to your quickly with an indication of our ability to support your business.

Information checklist sought from exporters:

  1. Export
    • What are the goods / services or project you are delivering? 
    • Have you completed similar projects/contracts previously? If so, please provide a brief summary.
  2. Country
    • What country are you delivering your exports to?
  3. Buyer
    • Who is / are the buyer/s? - Name, Address, Website.
    • What trading experience do you have with the buyer(s)? 
  4. Value
    • What is the approximate value of the entire transaction?
    • What is the approximate value of your share of the transaction (if different)?
  5. Payment / Credit terms
    • What advance payment(s) will you receive?
    • Is your buyer seeking credit terms?  If so, how long are these credit terms?
  6. Financier
    • Are you seeking additional lending, bonding facilities and/or equity investment to support this export opportunity?  If so, what is the value of this?
    • Who is your bank and what is the name of your bank relationship manager? 
  7. Contract Status
    • Confirm whether you have already been awarded this export contract, or you whether you are prospecting, bidding or negotiating an export opportunity.  

Application Forms:

Export Support: 

Supply Chain Support: