If you have a general enquiry contact one of the team below, or email exportcredit@treasury.govt.nz.

Exporters should try to address the checklist of points outlined on the How to Apply page when contacting us about an export credit enquiry.

  • Chris Chapman

    Chris Chapman

    About my role

    I am the Manager of the New Zealand Export Credit team with a focus on our performance, strategy and partnerships with business, banks and other agencies.

    Prior experience

    I joined the team in 2006 (when there were just three staff and one product) and supported the implementation, marketing and utilisation of NZEC's products. Before this I spent 12 years in law (including as a RNZAF legal officer, international events and marketing, and contract management). I have lived, studied and worked in Mexico, Thailand, Canada, UK and Ireland, and backpacked widely around Africa and Asia. I hold a LLB and a Masters in International Business from Otago University.

    Three things about me:
    1. Would choose mountains over beaches for a summer holiday.
    2. Have a Mexican wife and 2 young boys who talk Spanish when they don't want Dad to know things.
    3. Been grabbed and kissed by a wild mountain gorilla in a Rwandan jungle.
  • Peter Rowe

    Peter Rowe

    Head of Business Origination
    About my role

    I head up the Business Origination team, and our role is to work with exporters, banks and other government/industry bodies to educate them about how we can help exporters.  Additionally through meeting exporters the team is able to suggest ways in which exporters can address risks and concerns that keep them awake at night and help them to grow their businesses.  I am responsible for managing relationships with exporters, bankers and export promotion agencies in New Plymouth (Taranaki) and South Auckland.

    Prior experience

    Prior to joining the New Zealand Export Credit team I spent the previous 10 years in banking working for banks in New Zealand as well as Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation in London, with a focus on project and export finance transactions.

    Three things about me:
    1. I have an in-depth knowledge of the local breweries in London, Auckland and here in Wellington.
    2. I am making the most of Wellington's infamously strong winds by learning to kite-surf.
    3. Have embraced the steep learning curve that comes with being a new Dad.
  • Phill Quinn

    Phil Quinn

    Senior Business Originator
    About my role

    My role is to help our New Zealand exporters grow their business. Our range of Trade Credit Insurance and Financial Guarantees can help you secure new sales or fund export sales. I look after Bay of Plenty, Waikato, Wellington (shared), Canterbury, Otago, Southland.

    Prior experience

    Many years spent in Banking and Financial Services in the UK, Australia, Japan and New Zealand, most recently 6.5 years as a Commercial Manager in Wellington.

    Three things about me:
    1. I enjoy nothing better than riding my mountain bike around the hills of Wellington. Sometimes I don't fall off.
    2. I'm often found on weekends cutting and chopping wood. Sometimes I even use it for the fire.
    3. I enjoy fun and practical jokes. My colleagues need to have a sense of humour.
  • Michael Hoare

    Michael Hoare

    Senior Business Originator
    About my role

    My role is to support NZ exporters as they identify opportunities to grow their business.  Our range of Trade Credit Insurance and Financial Guarantee products may assist with  securing new business opportunities. I am responsible for the following regions, Northland, North Auckland, Hawkes Bay, Manawatu/Wanganui, Wellington (shared).

    Prior experience

    Prior to joining the team I spent 11 years working with the ANZ in Queensland, Australia, with a primary focus on business development within the Third Party Relationship and Retail Banking teams.

    Three things about me:
    1. Love the great outdoors
    2. The highlight of my weekend is often spent watching my kids play sport
    3. Would one day love to trek to the base camp of Mount Everest
  • Thomas Sheng

    Thomas Sheng

    Senior Business Originator
    About my role

    As a business originator, my role is to work with exporters, banks and other government agencies to help NZ exporters to grow. I look after East/West Auckland, Nelson and Marlborough regions.

    Prior experience

    Prior to joining the team, I spent almost 10 years working for ANZ in Wellington as well as Societe Generale in Beijing in various roles including Trade Finance, Cash Management and Relationship Banking.

    Three things about me:
    1. Keen basketball and football fan. San Antonio Spurs and Barcelona Football Club are my favourite teams.
    2. Enjoy travelling (by train) and learning different culture and customs.
    3. I would love to have another trip to Tibet one day, but with a 4x4 this time.
  • Feliza Blanch

    Feliza Blanch

    Head of Underwriting
    About my role

    As the Head of Underwriting, I assess and review credit papers recommending a decision to approve or decline a guarantee application to the Head of Export Credit and Director of Capital Markets. My work involves communication with the exporter, buyer, or the bank and analysis of actual and forecast financial accounts.

    Prior experience

    I have been working with the team as an underwriting analyst for a total of nine years.  I have also worked at the Reserve Bank of New Zealand as a policy analyst and the Commerce Commission as a regulatory analyst.  Prior to moving to New Zealand in 2006, I worked at Citibank Manila and the Asian Development Bank in the Philippines. My work principally involved credit risk analysis and financial modelling.

    Three things about me:
    1. Enjoy shopping with my kids (not the husband).
    2. Eating "yum char" for lunch on the weekend.
    3. Watching Chinese action/love story movies.
  • Photo of Wes Terblanche

    Wes Terblanche

    About my role

    I form part of the underwriting team and am responsible for the assessment of risk associated to transactions that come to us from insurers, banks and exporters.

    Prior experience

    My experience includes credit management and credit risk roles within retail and commercial banking environments and more recently within the energy sector in New Zealand.

    Three things about me:
    1. I am an avid tennis player and try and find my way around a golf course from time to time.
    2. My wife and I who are from South Africa are still trying to acclimate to the harsh Wellington winters and are using the phrase “you cant beat Wellington on a good day” more and more often when describing the city to friends and family.
    3. I have touched a great white shark off the west coast of South Africa and continue to prioritise visiting my “friends” when I go back home.
  • Renee Polaczuk (Portfolio Analyst)

    Renee Polaczuk

    Portfolio Analyst
    About my role

    I am responsible for the Business Finance Guarantee Scheme (BFGS), an economic support measure set up to assist New Zealand businesses impacted by COVID-19. The BFGS encouraged lenders to lend where they otherwise may not by the Government taking up to 80% of the loan's default risk.

    Prior experience

    I joined Te Tai Ōhanga – The Treasury in March 2021 after more than a decade living abroad. Prior to joining the team, I spent ~9 years working for ANZ in Australia, specialising in Operations and Recoveries management.

    Three things about me:
    1. I have walked 100km in ~30 hours for the Oxfam Trailwalker and 1,000km in ~30 days on the Camino de Santiago francés.
    2. I love to bake and fortunately, with 16 nieces and nephews, have a lot of opportunity to put my cake decorating skills to use.
    3. Since returning to New Zealand I have started learning Te Reo Māori and am making (albeit very slow!) progress.
  • Joana Costa Magalhaes de Moraes

    Joana Costa Magalhaes de Moraes

    Team Assistant
    About my role

    As the Team Assistant, I help the team with all their administration, the NZEC website and marketing material and am part of the Secretariat of the Capital Markets Advisory Committee Board. I also look after three other Capital Markets teams.

    Prior experience

    I have worked for MBIE in two different opportunities, first at Immigration and then at Tenancy Services. Back in Brazil, my main experience was in commercial banking and financial services.

    Three things about me:
    1. I'm from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and moving to Christchurch in the middle of the winter was quite a shock. I feel much more adapted in Wellington.
    2. I love exploring new places and don't have a particular travelling style. I equally loved the skyline of NYC, the ancient city of Macchu Picchu and the temples of Bali.
    3. I love books and movies about mystery and crimes, but I can't handle needles and blood.