Who are we?

NZEC is New Zealand’s export credit agency, and a unit within the Treasury's Capital Markets directorate.  

We work alongside other government agencies to promote New Zealand exports and export-related investments.  We do this by providing tailored trade credit insurance and financial guarantees, backed by the New Zealand Government.  

Our role is to complement and not compete with the private sector. In this way, we provide support to smaller and growing firms, as well as offer market capacity to larger firms, and security through economic cycles and market disruptions.

We have an experienced team with specialist skills in corporate banking, trade finance, risk management and credit analysis. To find out more click here.

What do we do?

Our purpose is to support New Zealand exports and the internationalisation of New Zealand companies by providing trade credit insurance and financial guarantees that cover a range of political and commercial risks associated with doing international business.

For example:

We can mitigate repayment risk: 
We can help mitigate the effects of a buyer cancelling a contract or defaulting on its payments, as a consequence of commercial or political events beyond your control. 

We can help you secure sales:
Often the finance terms offered to, or required by, your buyer may be a critical element in securing the deal.  Working in partnership with your bank, we may help you provide extended payment terms or loan to your buyer, in order to secure your sale.

We can help you access additional trade finance:
We work with you and your bank to help you access additional working capital or bonding facilities that you may require to help you deliver your export contracts.

Our range of solutions can also help a New Zealand firm that is supplying goods or services that are integral to an exporting firm’s delivery of exports.

How does it work?

In order to qualify for our support, you must be a New Zealand registered company or an international subsidiary, and there must be evidence of New Zealand economic benefits arising from the underlying exports. Find out more about us.

Our team assesses the commercial and political risks associated with your application for support.  This may include assessing the creditworthiness of your buyer and/or your business.  

If we assess the risks to be acceptable, we then provide you with a formal offer which includes our premium pricing.  If you accept, we issue you or your bank with a Government-backed policy.  In the event of a valid claim, we then indemnify you or your bank.

How do I apply?

We encourage you first to contact one of our Business Originators to discuss your opportunities or challenges, and to explore our solutions may help.

You can call or email us with your enquiry or complete this information checklist.

If you wish to proceed with a formal application, then please complete the relevant application form.  An assessment fee will be charged for this formal assessment and decision.  

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