NZ Export Credit Office joins Berne Union Prague Club

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The Prague Club is an international group of export credit and investment insurance organisations that helps members to develop their export credit and investment insurance schemes and provides a forum for sharing expertise and information.

“Joining this group gives us access to trade finance information and intelligence that we would otherwise be unlikely to hear about,” NZECO Manager Carmen Moana said.

NZECO is located in the Treasury and its obligations are guaranteed by the New Zealand government.

“For New Zealand’s economic growth to be truly sustainable, our export sector must build extensive and enduring connections with buyers overseas,” Treasury Deputy Chief Executive Gabriel Makhlouf said.

“International connections and information are vital for exporters. By linking with similar agencies, NZECO is now better placed to help New Zealand exporters become more competitive,” Mr Makhlouf said.

NZECO provides financial guarantee products for New Zealand exporters and banks. It helps exporters manage risk and capitalise on trade opportunities around the globe. As well as working directly with exporters, NZECO works with commercial financiers in New Zealand and overseas to support and improve the competitiveness of New Zealand exporters.

Angus Barclay | Senior Communications Advisor

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