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New Zealand Export Credit (NZEC) is a function within the Treasury providing exporters with financial guarantees and insurance when a bank or insurer are unable to.

NZEC solutions help exporters to:

  • Manage cashflow
    Producing your export product or service can create financial challenges. We can help you manage these challenges with access to additional working capital.
  • Protect income
    Non-payment is every business's worst nightmare. Our Short-Term Trade Credit Insurance reduces this risk and provides protection for non-payment and order cancellation.
  • Grow your business
    We can act as a guarantor for your bank so that you can access additional bank facilities to help your business scale up.

We can also connect you with other NZ Inc partners, including:

Livestock handling equipment#

Te Pari | Short-Term Trade Credit Insurance

Te Pari - Livestock handling Equipment
Te Pari - Livestock handling Equipment

Progressive livestock producers around the world are benefiting from Te Pari and their innovative approach to animal husbandry and livestock handling products, thanks in part, to our Short-Term Trade Credit solution.

In order to increase their sales to an existing buyer, Te Pari needed to find a way to offer longer payment terms, without taking on more risk.

Obtaining Short-Term Trade Credit Insurance through NZEC covered the risk of non-payment for shipments and meant Te Pari could increase sales by offering the UK buyer 110-day payment terms. At the same time, Te Pari still got paid for each shipment a week after it left New Zealand, by working with their bank.

Automated meat processing#

Scott Technology | Export Credit Guarantee

Scott Technology - Automated meat processing
Scott Technology - Automated meat processing

A relentless pursuit for engineering excellence has seen Scott Technology become a major success story on the world stage.

A potential deal to supply a robotic automated lamb boning system presented a significant sales opportunity for the Dunedin based company. But the buyer hadn't planned on a purchase of that scale in the current year's budget, so Scott Technology needed to be able to offer payment terms that would be attractive to the buyer to secure the deal. Our Export Credit Guarantee sealed the deal for the buyer and also enabled Scott Technology to receive advance payment from their own bank.

Winemaking technology#

Wine Technology | Loan Guarantee

Wine Technology - Winemaking technology
Wine Technology

As an internationally recognised leader in winery temperature control systems, Wine Technology is helping winemakers to produce premium wines.

A deal with the seventh largest producer of bottled wine globally was tantalisingly close. But the Chilean based buyer wasn't able to make full payment for six months. Wine Technology had suppliers that needed paying in that time, and they were unable to get further credit from their bank. Our Loan Guarantee opened up access to working capital, from their bank to fund their costs to deliver the contract.

Cheesemaking machinery#

Innovative Dairy Systems | General Contract Bond Guarantee

Innovative Dairy Systems - Cheesemaking machinery
Philip Langenhoven

A combination of Kiwi engineering know-how and a keen understanding of the dairy industry has created global demand for high quality cheesemaking equipment.

When Innovative Dairy Systems (IDS) secured a large contract with a major Irish food manufacturer, their challenge was a financial rather than a technical one. The lucrative deal represented a sizable project that involved multiple sub contractors who would require advance payments. While IDS was able to negotiate a 30% deposit, the buyer required an advance payment bond in return. Our General Contract Bond Guarantee provided security to IDS's bank to issue the advance bond and free up working capital.

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