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Pre-Credit Insurance


If your exports have a long production period or you produce custom-made products then you may be exposed to losses in the event your buyer cancels or is unable to honour your contract prior to delivery.

Export Credit Guarantee


Our Export Credit Guarantee covers credits or loans greater than one year, provided to your foreign buyer. We cover the risk of your buyer or a foreign bank failing to make its repayments as they fall due.

General Contract Bond Guarantee


A contract bond is a financial guarantee which protects your buyer from losses in the event you fail to properly perform your contractual obligations. 

Export Supply Chain Support


We can provide our solutions to a New Zealand firm that is providing goods or services that are integral to the delivery of exports.

Short-Term Trade Credit


Our Short-Term Trade Credit product covers the risk of a foreign buyer or foreign bank failing to make short-term credit payments for your exports as agreed. There are three different ways NZEC’s short-term cover may be used:

Loan Guarantee


Our Loan Guarantee helps you access additional loan facilities from your bank to help you fund export contract(s).

Surety Bond Guarantee


A Surety Bond is a financial guarantee provided to your Buyer, which provides assurance that the contracted work will be performed and/or any losses incurred due to your non-performance will be indemnified.