1. Application to NZEC

  • Complete an application form relative to the type of guarantee you need, and provide supporting information.
  • An assessment fee will apply.

View the how to apply page for more information 

2. Assessment by NZEC

  • Our underwriters assess your application.
  • Additional information may be sought from you, your bank, insurer and /or your buyer.
  • We then make a decision on your application.

3. If your application is approved

  • We will send you a Letter of Offer which will include our pricing and any special terms or condition for support.
  • You notify us that you accept the offer.

4. Documentation

  • You or your bank receive our Policy documents for signing.
  • We sign the Policy documents.
  • You pay the Premium and any other fees that may be required.

5. Monitoring

  • You provide us with notice of payments/shipment and achievement of performance milestones as required under the Policy documents.