Our solutions are designed for large and small New Zealand exporters' activities, as well as domestic firms that are integral to export supply chains.

How we can help exporters:

Mitigate repayment risk

NZEC can assist exporters to mitigate the effects of a buyer cancelling a contract or defaulting on its payments, as a consequence of commercial or political events beyond an exporter's control.

NZEC's most suitable solutions are:

Pre-credit insurance

Covers exporters' production costs incurred prior to delivery as a result of a buyer's contract repudiation.

Short-term trade credit

Insures exporters against losses arising from a foreign buyer or bank not paying short-term obligations.

Export credit guarantee

Insures repayment terms longer then 1 year offered to creditworthy buyers.

Secure export sales

When negotiating export contracts the finance terms offered to, or required by an international buyer, may be a critical element in securing the deal. Working in partnership with an exporter’s bank, NZEC may help successful exporters secure overseas contracts.

NZEC's most suitable solutions are:

Export credit guarantee

Offer extended repayment terms and a competitive financial package to creditworthy buyers.

General contract bond guarantee

Secure additional or larger contracts with overseas buyers who require performance or payment bonds.

Surety bond guarantee

Bid for, and accept US contracts that have 100%+ Surety Bond requirements.

Access trade finance

NZEC works with banks to address the trade finance challenges exporters face when delivering on export contracts. NZEC's guarantee and credit insurance products may be assigned or issued directly to an exporter's bank to enable an exporter to access additional trade finance or bonding facilities.

NZEC's most suitable solutions are:

Short-term trade credit

May enable exporters to obtain additional trade finance from their bank.

General contract bond guarantee

Provides additional capacity to exporters’ bonding facilities and frees up working capital.

Loan guarantee

Provides security to enable small- to medium-sized exporters access to additional funding from their bank.